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    • $24.99

      Region:  Indonesia

      Roast: Medium

      Cupping Notes:  Brown sugar, Dark Chocolate, and Vanilla

      Bali Blue Moon coffee is overwhelmingly rich with syrupy dark chocolate notes, a creamy mouthfeel, and a spiced finish. The earthiness found in many Indonesian coffees takes a backseat with this Bali Blue Moon coffee, where earthy notes are very subtle overall. This stunning Rainforest Alliance Certified, single-origin has received accolades from our coffee club members














    • -18% Off
      $17.99 $21.99

      Region:  South America

      Roast:  Light, Medium, Dark

      Cupping notes: Cherry, Milk Chocolate, Malt, Orange

      Elevation:  4700-6400 feet


    • -8% Off
      $59.99 $64.99

      Cupping Notes: Malted Chocolate, Berry, Vanilla, Jasmine



    • -17% Off
      $24.99 $29.99

      As timeless as a tank gets. A sleek, cropped fit for a modern look.











    • -8% Off
      $59.99 $64.99

      Turns out the best things really do come in small packages.