About Hangar 88

Hangar 88 Beard Co. was started to help men maintain their beards, yeards, skin and even help people who want to remove their beards. Started by a pilot who during his training who would constantly get dry skin and dry beard when flying. While trying to find something to remedy the problem he wasn’t happy with what was on the market.

The market was full of products from every angle. Dollar store oil to exotic cream from the far reaches of earth. The marketing was great, but left a lot to be desired or in some cases left the nose wanting less.

Hangar 88 beard co was started with one goal. Make a product that professionals would use on their faces without clearing the plane. From sourcing the best oils, butters and wax to working with industry professionals in the skin, perfume and hair industry- Hangar 88 was built to set itself apart.

We pledge to create the best products for your hair and skin. Our products will always be made using the best sourced ingredients, never tested on animals, and will be made in the USA.